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⚠️ Condense leaks, or indoor units that are not installed level

⚠️ Dirty filters in indoor equipment

⚠️ Dirty outdoor coils or ice accumulation on the outdoor unit preventiong unit from working  


⚠️ Improperly installed refrigerant lines

⚠️ Loose or broken communication or power wires

⚠️ Electrical interferences from other electrical appliances


✓ Check the condensate lines and any condensate pumps in the system

✓ Check outdoor safety disconnect

✓ Test wired thermostat and remote control operations

✓ Start up system and test operation

✓ Inspect the refrigerant lines and the insulaiton of the refrigerant lines

✓Ensure the outdoor unit is level and draining properly

✓ Inspect the outdoor unit coil for damage and clean as necessary

✓ Check to ensure all outdoor unit removal

✓ Inspect the indoor units and filters for dirt or debris

✓ Examine the outdoor unit blower

✓ Examine the indoor unit blower