Installation Options

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Needs Repair Service

⚠️ Indoor coil covered with heavy frost or ice

⚠️ Refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice

⚠️ Breaker tripped more than once

⚠️ A vibration or odd noise

⚠️ Thermostat not working properly

⚠️ System is not cooling

⚠️ Indoor temperture too hot or too cold

⚠️ Some rooms conditioned and some are too warm

Maintenance Visits

✓ Check condensate lines and/or condsensate pump

✓ Lubricate motor bearings as necessary

✓ Check outdoor safety disconnect

✓ Test thermostat

✓ Inspect refrigerant lines and insulation of the lines

✓ Ensure outdoor unit is level and draining properly

✓ Inspect outdoor unit coil for damage and clean as necessary

✓ Inspect indoor coil for dirt or debris and clean as necessary

✓ Examine indoor blower motor and blower wheel

✓Examine outdoor unit blower